Saturday, June 02, 2007

Different Bag

1001 uses of plastic bags

I am still amaze at the flexibilities of such a simple piece of plastic that permits to keep the cookies fresh after I open the original package, You know that sensation of crunchy and not saggy that comes from the exposure to the humidity in the air. The same goes for cereal, crackers and instant potatoes but it did surprises me when started using the darn things to keep organize. I use the bags for receipts from the groceries I buy and keep the in the folder organize in the file cabinet.

The same for important old paperwork like my birth certificate to proof that I am an American citizen. Does seasons bags that come from the Mexican take out and Chinese restaurant, never had a chance to form cluster at my house, they are all place in the same place were I can find then for cooking or for seasoning in our kitchen. The little screws from the computer and the appliance that always manage to became misplace when you need then to put back together the articles, no more my trusty bag is there to save the day.

Why will I put this article in a environment aware site?

Well just because is the same substance use to fill the tank of our cars that promotes contamination in the air we breath and the land fill get really upset with the bags. I believe that is what you got and how you use it is what counts. I you keep thinking in terms of disposable you are still a looser, if you make an effort to find a way to see in a different light that every day articles that produce the problems we have today I think it will be a step in the right direction. What do you think?

Is like the moron politician and corn distillery farmers that say that methanol or alcohol is tide up to the limit of corn grown in this country and that is way the prices are so high. Well flash news morons, you do not need corn kernels along to get methane or combustible for the engines of our cars, you can use the plant itself the organic trash that we have so mush problems storing in the landfills, the sewage from the waste disposable, the treatment plants gases and the bacteria that extract and produce the the gas itself.

Another hint for you guys out there in the oil and gas manufacturing money-have now thinking people, the creature that do not change or evolve with the ambient became extinct, gone, no more, a fossil. General rule of evolution 101.

Yes you can suppress and even treat me, but at the end is your children, your family, your descendants that will ask you for a reason of your actions. So be good for goodness sake because gilt is coming to town.

Have a heart and find something to help yourself and others please do not be like the “TB guy” in the news, selfish.


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