Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What is next for Global Warming

Ok the global warning thing is up, everybody now talk about what I being saying for years before it happen, I guess this is the part I am suppose to say something tottering the fact.

This is a passing face of things to come the worst case scenario you can see every morning as Venus in the sky.

The world right after the Atlantic currents that feed the heat of the Ecuador to the cooler northen seas will stop. The polar caps of the planet will grow initially. The Ecuador of the planet will develop a ring of heat that will reach 130 F year round and will grow forcing the polar caps to recede in to the pole until they despairer by then the world will be mostly under water and due to the intense heat of the green house effect the seas will start evaporating in to space which by then the planet will have no live due to the disinfection effect of water when evaporates to change to steam.

If this does not make the people of this world change there habits, especially the morons in the oil companies whom are to blame completely. We deserve to be exterminate and the universe will be better off than to deal with such a greedy and stupid creature call humans.

Please pay attention to the air you breath, the sunset colors and what you do to live in harmony in this world, is really not that difficult.


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