Saturday, September 16, 2006

Flash news

Please, please and please. Get, borrow or steal this book (Internal Combustion by Edwin Black ), not just for the sake of having it but for the sake of the independents of this country.
I always have suspicions of the underhand of politics in America to maintain the gasoline addiction for the famous money under the table at the cost of the soul of this nation. It does strike me as stupid that the politicians whom sale us up in the government of Independents can not figure that Independents is also a economic statement, like stupid (a statement describing the politicians involve in the oil-politics).
What good is it to take all that money if you going to spend it on gasoline and please do not get cut, then the cost of security and running from hideout to hideout with the family and the shame of explaining yourself to your family.
The important thing is that somewhere somebody is realizing that things are wrong and is not economics or bad luck it is done on purpose at a price of a bribe plus the benefit of the many for the few. This bribe thing is not right.
I'll get the rope.



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