Friday, September 15, 2006

Dessert Water

Dessert Water

I have problems understanding why is there droughts and lack of water in
some regions of the world especially if there are desserts that have
access to the sea, like Saudi Arabia, Texas and Egypt. So for the people
in this regions here a tip to end the problems of water and more. It is
a long tip, 10 to 20 miles long to be somewhat accurate.

Channels- one for the sea water and 2 channels attach to the main
channel for evaporation with solar power for heat and electricity, the
condensation of the water is done underground along side the
desalinization channels. This channels not only provide water but with
the help of algae from the sea it will provide raw material for
fertilizers along with salt after it is desalinize that will be done in
the second channel with the water from the first channel. It will have
to be understood that the secondaries or "cover channels" have to be
cover with a material like plastic or glass preferably in a dome shape
to guide the vapors to the underground cooling, wish could be solar
power or natural power since by definition a dessert is a region of land
that reflects 85% to 95% the solar radiation back to space. In other
words, you dig 20 to 30 feet underground in any dessert like western
Australia and just like them in the mine of opals in the same region you
have to wear a coats or risk a cold death due to the extreme cold
constant temperatures (Day and night) that they have at 80' to 200'
bellow the surface. They have jokes about the chunk of ice that the
tourist take to the surface thinking that is opal only to fine the opal
have melted once they come out to the surface of the dessert. With this
on mind

Again, water from the sea in main channel goes to a second channel that
is cover, evaporation with the sun help, to the underground condensation
channel, water to be use for cleaning the material in the first cover
channel ,close the first channel until the water evaporates completely,
pick up the material during the night and deposit in the second channel
for extraction of salt and algae and either a third channel or dump the
salty water in the first channel to evaporate again for water
extraction. Once the the algae or material gets desalinize it dump into
tanks for fermentation and methane extraction this is for fuel cells or
trucks or cooking or heating (desserts get cold at night). I hope this
gives an idea of the waste that this regions are by not being developed.

I agree that it is a great investment initially, but consider that
water, methane, electricity, compost that is produce after the
extraction of methane from the algae is use as fertilizer for farms in
the dessert, heat from the sun produce steam for mechanical energy in
air conditioners or whatever it can be use, the lucrative beach front
property of the channel that will be use for sea water extraction(about
10 to 20 miles long, the longer the more efficient), the extraction of
sand for commercial use in glass or construction and the long term use
of this channel, if done wright, will change the dessert in to farm land
because of the fertilizer that can be mix with sand to produce top soil
for agriculture. All of this without using a single drop of crude oil. I
estimate 20 to 30 year of profits after the first 2 cover channels, the
more secondary channels the more efficient, from initial investment
until the mechanical parts start breaking.

If I am wrong please tell me, because I know I am right.

So there, now I can say to all of you, I told you so.



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