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Biodiesel and renewable resort fuels

Fart,.. or hydrocarbons... I know is a funny way to start this but it is a renewable fuel, seriously.

How was it all started.

The word “Synthetic fuel” was first coined by some very desperate German Scientist in the middle of a conflict that went by the name of “World War 2” when the Germans got into a bit of a problem with should we say almost the rest of the world. Necessity being the Mother of invention, or in this case an "SS" agent pressing the barrel of his pistol to the scientist head. Amazing what a little pressure can do.

It came from the necessity of not having access to crude oil for things like airplanes, tanks, ships, generators and basically all the things necessary for getting that War engine running well lubricated, funny.

Now the crude oil that we find ourself in desperate need of which we don't really need (that is an illusion created by oil companies) to get the economic engine well lubricated.

How did I determin that the oil companies created the illusion? I believe they even made a movie with Marlon Brando playing the part of a high executive of oil companies that convince the “power to be” not to release the formula for synthetic fuel because it was not profitable enough at that time. Great movie.

Unfortunately the truth is a lot more mysterious. Fact, the Germans did not only find one but two fuels. Hydrogen split from water and the second being several mixtures and compound bases on alcohol taken from the distillery of potatoes peels, an easy “accessible fuel” which was a requirement of the “V”2 and the rocket power fighter planes name “Comet” that went in to service not to long before the collapse of Germans during the same conflict.

What happen to the fuels? You will have to ask the government of United State of America, my government, what happen. Because most of the scientists and their families which are still residents of this country were transferred to work here in very important work for the government. Some were send to work at NASA where as you know or have read in history, help in the development of, you guessed it, “rocket fuel”.

I still wander if 50 years of development is not enough time to make these “Fuels” fully accessible to help with the independence of this nation as a renewable and ecological friendly fuel.

How does it work?

Hydrogen- Split water (H2O) into 2 molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen with electricity. Some say it takes a lot or too much electricity and infrastructure to be economical, mostly the P.R. People of the oil companies are the ones making the comments. I say check with Greenland, they have been using hydrogen gas stations for a couple of years with solar panels as electricity and tap water as the raw material.


Generally use vegetable oil from sources like restaurants, mixed with a catalytic compound ( lye) for separation of the viscosity (glycerin which is sold for things as soap) the remaining solution after separation can be use in diesel engine. Incidentally the diesel engine was originally design by Diesel to use peanut oil. The only problem I heard of this is that this ”Biodiesel” behave like a detergent, it actually cleans the tank to the point that you need to change the fuel filter. Other than that is better emissions and cleaner.

The rest of the fuels Methane and Butane compounds I will cover in a next article which has a history of it's own. It has to deal with Moonshine.



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