Saturday, June 02, 2007

Different Bag

1001 uses of plastic bags

I am still amaze at the flexibilities of such a simple piece of plastic that permits to keep the cookies fresh after I open the original package, You know that sensation of crunchy and not saggy that comes from the exposure to the humidity in the air. The same goes for cereal, crackers and instant potatoes but it did surprises me when started using the darn things to keep organize. I use the bags for receipts from the groceries I buy and keep the in the folder organize in the file cabinet.

The same for important old paperwork like my birth certificate to proof that I am an American citizen. Does seasons bags that come from the Mexican take out and Chinese restaurant, never had a chance to form cluster at my house, they are all place in the same place were I can find then for cooking or for seasoning in our kitchen. The little screws from the computer and the appliance that always manage to became misplace when you need then to put back together the articles, no more my trusty bag is there to save the day.

Why will I put this article in a environment aware site?

Well just because is the same substance use to fill the tank of our cars that promotes contamination in the air we breath and the land fill get really upset with the bags. I believe that is what you got and how you use it is what counts. I you keep thinking in terms of disposable you are still a looser, if you make an effort to find a way to see in a different light that every day articles that produce the problems we have today I think it will be a step in the right direction. What do you think?

Is like the moron politician and corn distillery farmers that say that methanol or alcohol is tide up to the limit of corn grown in this country and that is way the prices are so high. Well flash news morons, you do not need corn kernels along to get methane or combustible for the engines of our cars, you can use the plant itself the organic trash that we have so mush problems storing in the landfills, the sewage from the waste disposable, the treatment plants gases and the bacteria that extract and produce the the gas itself.

Another hint for you guys out there in the oil and gas manufacturing money-have now thinking people, the creature that do not change or evolve with the ambient became extinct, gone, no more, a fossil. General rule of evolution 101.

Yes you can suppress and even treat me, but at the end is your children, your family, your descendants that will ask you for a reason of your actions. So be good for goodness sake because gilt is coming to town.

Have a heart and find something to help yourself and others please do not be like the “TB guy” in the news, selfish.


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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What is next for Global Warming

Ok the global warning thing is up, everybody now talk about what I being saying for years before it happen, I guess this is the part I am suppose to say something tottering the fact.

This is a passing face of things to come the worst case scenario you can see every morning as Venus in the sky.

The world right after the Atlantic currents that feed the heat of the Ecuador to the cooler northen seas will stop. The polar caps of the planet will grow initially. The Ecuador of the planet will develop a ring of heat that will reach 130 F year round and will grow forcing the polar caps to recede in to the pole until they despairer by then the world will be mostly under water and due to the intense heat of the green house effect the seas will start evaporating in to space which by then the planet will have no live due to the disinfection effect of water when evaporates to change to steam.

If this does not make the people of this world change there habits, especially the morons in the oil companies whom are to blame completely. We deserve to be exterminate and the universe will be better off than to deal with such a greedy and stupid creature call humans.

Please pay attention to the air you breath, the sunset colors and what you do to live in harmony in this world, is really not that difficult.


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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sad note

This note was posted originally in September 4, but due to technical problems everything had to be reposted.

The photo bellow is a link to a BBC report of Steve Irwin known as "Crocodile Hunter", he died September 4.

Flash news

Please, please and please. Get, borrow or steal this book (Internal Combustion by Edwin Black ), not just for the sake of having it but for the sake of the independents of this country.
I always have suspicions of the underhand of politics in America to maintain the gasoline addiction for the famous money under the table at the cost of the soul of this nation. It does strike me as stupid that the politicians whom sale us up in the government of Independents can not figure that Independents is also a economic statement, like stupid (a statement describing the politicians involve in the oil-politics).
What good is it to take all that money if you going to spend it on gasoline and please do not get cut, then the cost of security and running from hideout to hideout with the family and the shame of explaining yourself to your family.
The important thing is that somewhere somebody is realizing that things are wrong and is not economics or bad luck it is done on purpose at a price of a bribe plus the benefit of the many for the few. This bribe thing is not right.
I'll get the rope.



Can not live in it, but you can live with out it.
It is a seven day stretch if you plan to be without it and you die, that will make it important.

But it is also important what is necessary to get along with this very peculiar solvent and why is it that we need it.

I only drink distiled water which I found cheap at walmart. I found it offensive that people in this society try to make a great profit with a article so close to our well-health. It is funny that they have control in the government on milk, bread, honey and other essential products according to the constitution but water is left out of it.
I look at it as a conservationists and value it's properties for the economy. Given that production of Hydrogen engine cars is due for production next year, I thought that a little heads up is due, after all if the current rate of gasoline keeps it up, you may be drinking your way to work.

Hydrogen Car



Friday, September 15, 2006

Dessert Water

Dessert Water

I have problems understanding why is there droughts and lack of water in
some regions of the world especially if there are desserts that have
access to the sea, like Saudi Arabia, Texas and Egypt. So for the people
in this regions here a tip to end the problems of water and more. It is
a long tip, 10 to 20 miles long to be somewhat accurate.

Channels- one for the sea water and 2 channels attach to the main
channel for evaporation with solar power for heat and electricity, the
condensation of the water is done underground along side the
desalinization channels. This channels not only provide water but with
the help of algae from the sea it will provide raw material for
fertilizers along with salt after it is desalinize that will be done in
the second channel with the water from the first channel. It will have
to be understood that the secondaries or "cover channels" have to be
cover with a material like plastic or glass preferably in a dome shape
to guide the vapors to the underground cooling, wish could be solar
power or natural power since by definition a dessert is a region of land
that reflects 85% to 95% the solar radiation back to space. In other
words, you dig 20 to 30 feet underground in any dessert like western
Australia and just like them in the mine of opals in the same region you
have to wear a coats or risk a cold death due to the extreme cold
constant temperatures (Day and night) that they have at 80' to 200'
bellow the surface. They have jokes about the chunk of ice that the
tourist take to the surface thinking that is opal only to fine the opal
have melted once they come out to the surface of the dessert. With this
on mind

Again, water from the sea in main channel goes to a second channel that
is cover, evaporation with the sun help, to the underground condensation
channel, water to be use for cleaning the material in the first cover
channel ,close the first channel until the water evaporates completely,
pick up the material during the night and deposit in the second channel
for extraction of salt and algae and either a third channel or dump the
salty water in the first channel to evaporate again for water
extraction. Once the the algae or material gets desalinize it dump into
tanks for fermentation and methane extraction this is for fuel cells or
trucks or cooking or heating (desserts get cold at night). I hope this
gives an idea of the waste that this regions are by not being developed.

I agree that it is a great investment initially, but consider that
water, methane, electricity, compost that is produce after the
extraction of methane from the algae is use as fertilizer for farms in
the dessert, heat from the sun produce steam for mechanical energy in
air conditioners or whatever it can be use, the lucrative beach front
property of the channel that will be use for sea water extraction(about
10 to 20 miles long, the longer the more efficient), the extraction of
sand for commercial use in glass or construction and the long term use
of this channel, if done wright, will change the dessert in to farm land
because of the fertilizer that can be mix with sand to produce top soil
for agriculture. All of this without using a single drop of crude oil. I
estimate 20 to 30 year of profits after the first 2 cover channels, the
more secondary channels the more efficient, from initial investment
until the mechanical parts start breaking.

If I am wrong please tell me, because I know I am right.

So there, now I can say to all of you, I told you so.



Hi, Welcome to Acrolisx Voices

This is the blog of the site at geocity named Acrolisx voices and the sister site Acrolisx Opinions. Tehe Spanish version will be publish in Acrolisx Voces with the topics cover under Multimidea, Environment and Health
Please let me know what you think.


Biodiesel and renewable resort fuels

Fart,.. or hydrocarbons... I know is a funny way to start this but it is a renewable fuel, seriously.

How was it all started.

The word “Synthetic fuel” was first coined by some very desperate German Scientist in the middle of a conflict that went by the name of “World War 2” when the Germans got into a bit of a problem with should we say almost the rest of the world. Necessity being the Mother of invention, or in this case an "SS" agent pressing the barrel of his pistol to the scientist head. Amazing what a little pressure can do.

It came from the necessity of not having access to crude oil for things like airplanes, tanks, ships, generators and basically all the things necessary for getting that War engine running well lubricated, funny.

Now the crude oil that we find ourself in desperate need of which we don't really need (that is an illusion created by oil companies) to get the economic engine well lubricated.

How did I determin that the oil companies created the illusion? I believe they even made a movie with Marlon Brando playing the part of a high executive of oil companies that convince the “power to be” not to release the formula for synthetic fuel because it was not profitable enough at that time. Great movie.

Unfortunately the truth is a lot more mysterious. Fact, the Germans did not only find one but two fuels. Hydrogen split from water and the second being several mixtures and compound bases on alcohol taken from the distillery of potatoes peels, an easy “accessible fuel” which was a requirement of the “V”2 and the rocket power fighter planes name “Comet” that went in to service not to long before the collapse of Germans during the same conflict.

What happen to the fuels? You will have to ask the government of United State of America, my government, what happen. Because most of the scientists and their families which are still residents of this country were transferred to work here in very important work for the government. Some were send to work at NASA where as you know or have read in history, help in the development of, you guessed it, “rocket fuel”.

I still wander if 50 years of development is not enough time to make these “Fuels” fully accessible to help with the independence of this nation as a renewable and ecological friendly fuel.

How does it work?

Hydrogen- Split water (H2O) into 2 molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen with electricity. Some say it takes a lot or too much electricity and infrastructure to be economical, mostly the P.R. People of the oil companies are the ones making the comments. I say check with Greenland, they have been using hydrogen gas stations for a couple of years with solar panels as electricity and tap water as the raw material.


Generally use vegetable oil from sources like restaurants, mixed with a catalytic compound ( lye) for separation of the viscosity (glycerin which is sold for things as soap) the remaining solution after separation can be use in diesel engine. Incidentally the diesel engine was originally design by Diesel to use peanut oil. The only problem I heard of this is that this ”Biodiesel” behave like a detergent, it actually cleans the tank to the point that you need to change the fuel filter. Other than that is better emissions and cleaner.

The rest of the fuels Methane and Butane compounds I will cover in a next article which has a history of it's own. It has to deal with Moonshine.