Saturday, September 16, 2006


Can not live in it, but you can live with out it.
It is a seven day stretch if you plan to be without it and you die, that will make it important.

But it is also important what is necessary to get along with this very peculiar solvent and why is it that we need it.

I only drink distiled water which I found cheap at walmart. I found it offensive that people in this society try to make a great profit with a article so close to our well-health. It is funny that they have control in the government on milk, bread, honey and other essential products according to the constitution but water is left out of it.
I look at it as a conservationists and value it's properties for the economy. Given that production of Hydrogen engine cars is due for production next year, I thought that a little heads up is due, after all if the current rate of gasoline keeps it up, you may be drinking your way to work.

Hydrogen Car




At 8:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I not sure if drinking distilled water for long periods of time is a good idea...but I'm not a doctor..I would maybe talk to your physician. Good luck.


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